vents on roofPreventing an animal infestation is always easier than trying to tackle one that already exists. Our certified team of wildlife management experts are not only skilled in animal removal, but also in animal prevention techniques. Critter Control of Dayton will do our best to provide affordable and effective prevention tools and services to keep your home wildlife infestation and wildlife damage free.

We utilize several methods of habitat modification and exclusion techniques to keep unwanted animals out of your home or off your property. Habitat modification entails limiting access to food, water, or shelter and exclusion techniques involve sealing entry points, installing vent screens, or creating additional barriers for common nuisance critters.

caulk gunIf you already have an animal disturbing the interior or exterior of your home, our animal removal specialists will not only come in and remove your nuisance animal, but inspect your home and provide a plan of action to prevent them from returning. Critter Control will find every point of entry for unwanted animals, from raccoons in the attic to mice in the walls. 

Moles and geese may not be intrusive animals, but they will cause great problems for you outside of your home. Moles will tear up your lawn and vegetation, while geese terrorize your family and pets. Call Critter Control of Dayton to have your home and property protected from wildlife invasions. Our methods keep wildlife OUT!

Don't wait until you have an infestation - call us today about our prevention services!

Critter Control of Dayton provides its services to the following cities:

Dayton, Englewood, Fairborn, Germantown, New Carlisle, Xenia, Yellow Springs, Centerville, Kettering, Beavercreek, Miamisburg, Trotwood, Clayton, Bellbrook, Spring Valley, Enon, Moraine, Brookville, Riverside, Huber Heights, West Carrollton, Union, and many other surrounding cities

This franchise is independently licensed and operated by MKF Enterprises, Inc., dba Critter Control of Dayton

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