We Fix Your Critter Damage

Critter Control of Dayton offers full service wildlife control, including animal damage control. Not only will our Critter Control technicians remove unwanted animals, we will also repair damages done by the wildlife! We understand how severe a wildlife control problem can be. Our specialized technicians will repair wildlife damages and return your home to it’s original state.

Damage from moles, geese, woodpeckers, and bees can lead to bigger problems, including flooding and extensive exterior damage to your home. Your technician will implement the necessary methods of repair for your specific wildlife problem.

Hire the Best

We are the experts. We can prevent and fix headaches that come from moles and geese in your yard, woodpeckers outside your home, and carpenter bee nests. Critter Control of Dayton repairs damages of any wildlife species you may encounter a problem with.

Repair Techniques

Critter Control of Dayton offers a wide range of damage repair techniques. The majority of our repairs will also double as prevention techniques! 

Our repair methods may include:

  • Attic Restoration
  • Wall Insulation Replacement
  • Screening Vents
  • Chimney Caps
  • And Closing Entry Holes

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